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Athlete coaching

Start small, dream big and every day do something that gets you closer to your dream.

In 2008 Marc started to coach Kevin Pauwels, a boy who hade some issues to connect with people. For Marc a challenge with more values than only sport, the extra human part was so much more interesting. Kevin won World cup and a bronze medal at the World championship cyclocross.

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More and more athletes found their way to Marc, with whom he had great connections and booked some excellent results.

  • Shirin van Anrooij : Worldchampion cyclocross
  • Shirin van Anrooij : European champion time trial
  • Annemarie Worst : European champion cyclocross
  • Many national champions in several different countries in triathlon, cyclocross, cycling and bmx.
Athlete coaching Annemarie Worst Marc Herremans
Athlete coaching Shirin Van Anrooij Marc Herremans
Athlete coaching Laurens Sweeck Marc Herremans