Marc heeft inmiddels op verschillende events van ons gesproken en ongeacht welk publiek er in de zaal zit, iedere keer wist hij de zaal te raken met zijn inspirerende en aangrijpende verhaal. Marc is een van ons best gewaardeerde sprekers en heeft een natuurlijk talent om mensen te inspireren en aan het denken te zetten over belangrijke thema's binnen het (bedrijfs)leven.

Dear Marc,

Your presentation and openness with your personal story during our team business offsite, was inspiring and touching as one.

You have taken a tragic situation and turned it around on its head, making it an opportunity instead of a threat. After your session we have learned to put things in perspective and to understand that change is a huge opportunity for bigger and better things to come. Change is happening all around us and our lives are much more dynamic than ever, your story has allowed us to be better ready for this new way of living.

Micha Berger
CTO, Telenet

At the start of 2018 and at Brussels Motorshow, Toyota Belgium organized a national kick-off meeting with its organisation and entire retailer network.

Myself, I am responsible as commercial director for the sales performance of Toyota in Belux. Purpose of the meeting was 2-fold: present a clear, consistent strategy

and put our network and organisation in a ‘winning spirit’.

At Toyota we are currently in the middle of a change trajectory. A positive ‘can-do’ attitude is key.

Personally, I have always been interested in cycling, duathlon and triathlon. I have known Marc, although not personally,

for a while and was touched enormously by his first book ‘Ironman’.

With the help of some of my colleagues in my team, an idea became reality and gave a serious dose of mental strength to our audience.

A goal one always sets for himself during a strategic presentation but rarely achieves.

The approach has proven to be a success!

Marc testified with much humility about his experiences. He did this based on the cardgame of life.

We all get excellent cards and the end the black one follows for all of us. What we do in the interim with the cards we are dealt with makes all the difference in the world.

Our business of selling cars, serving our customers and increasing the popularity of our brand is essentially very trivial.

Doing however what you love doing, is fantastic. At Toyota we either do something and we do it well or we don’t do it at all.

A big thank you, Marc.

Thank you for one the most inspiring evenings yet.

Nico Van hauwermeiren

At Prodata Systems we wanted to organize an event that didn’t fit in the mainstream pattern: EMERGE, not your average networking event. Therefor we started looking for a motivational speaker with a genuine story without the bits and bytes. Marc Herremans was truly a success. Not only because of how he told his story, or because it was thé Marc Herremans. It was the message hidden inside his story that captivated everyone. It touched each and every one of us and put all the other things in perspective.

“de meeste impactvolle spreker in 10 jaar!” Dit was de feedback die ik kreeg nadat ik Marc voor een kleine groep enthousiaste medewerkers had gebracht.

Impactvol, ingetogen en een bescheiden ‘groot’ mens: beste Marc, meer dan ooit ben jij een toonbeeld van hoe ‘anders’-validiteit vaak meer ‘gezond’ verstand met zich meebrengt dan wat door velen in deze wereld wordt tentoon gespreid.

Dank je wel om wie je bent! Tot ziens.

Bart Depraetere
L&D Manager

It was a pleasure to welcome Marc at Dow Benelux for the 5-year anniversary event of our Benelux Women Innovation Network. With great humbleness he shared his life story. He inspired and touched the whole audience by his strength and achievements. The topic of the event was “Celebrate your talent”. He demonstrated that with focus and determination, definitely some of his best talents, and with a heart beating, goals and dreams can be realized for a better and happier life. Many thanks for sharing this lesson with us and for your availability and generosity with answering the questions from the audience.

The most recent team day of our department was built around healthy: Healthy food, movement and mental health.

For the mental health topic, we invited Mark as special guest speaker.

His story on falling and getting back up, dealing with drawbacks, setting new goals and constantly living to the fullest has sincerely touched every member of our extensive and diverse team.

An emotional occasion which shall undoubtedly contribute to amplifying the positive mindset of our employees.

An inspiring story brought by an undefeatable athlete but simultaneously a touching narration presented by a warm person.

A recital which everyone has truly felt along with.

Our management team of Versele-Laga, an international manufacturer of quality pet food and care products for performance animals and pets, had the privilege of listening to the personal life-story of Marc.

The challenges Marc had until know are a lot similar with those in business life. Don’t fall back after a defeat. Competition makes yourselves better . Keep a positive mind even if you have a lot of negative minds around you..

All true but so true people tend to forget them. So, having a real genuine story set all thoughts again straight forward.

Gwijde Versele

I had the pleasure to listen to Mark Herremans story. He started his story with a statement how all of our lives start: “with one card”. And he said that all of us got a very good first card as we get the opportunities in life that we need to succeed. (If we do not neglect these opportunities). Marc Hellemans told us that during his life, he always wanted to be the best at what he did, and so when he told us his story which began wonderful but followed with what I thought as horrific, his accident which changed his life. So did Marc in the beginning. But Marc told us that: “even though you get a black card in life, as long as your heart keeps going, you can’t give up. Because when you give up, you might miss some beautiful cards that you get because of that one black card”. The part of his story that inspired me the most was when he lined up his goals. He wanted to win the iron man, he wanted to win the crocodile trophy and become a dad. And even though he got that one black card, he got these three cards in return. So the most inspiring part of the talk was that “even though you think you lost everything, as long as you live, you just don’t give up”.

Tristan van der Mieden

When business gets tough people tend to believe things are difficult around them. And expect that someone will take care of the situation and solutions.

Most often that someone is…You.

Marc’s presentation makes you realise nothing serious happened…just this year the cards you are holding are different.

And if someone can prove that focusing on the cards you have versus the ones you used to have in good days is paying off – it is him and his story.

I am not only inspired but also impressed by his natural way of talking about his impressive achievements and how he handled the way to achieve them.

And I was not alone in the room….’

Highly recommended.

Lajos Magyari

Marc’s bijdrage tijdens onze Anytime Fitness Benelux Conferentie was een bijdrage die meerdere aanwezigen tot tranen beroerde. De oprechte, nederige wijze waarop Marc zijn verhaal deelde, maakte iedereen bewust van de relativiteit van zijn/haar dagelijkse beslommeringen. Hiermee was hij een inspiratiebron voor velen!

Nogmaals dank voor jouw bijdrage en veel succes gewenst met alle doelen die je nog wil behalen. Wellicht kruisen onze wegen elkaar ooit weer!

Tom Janssen

Tijdens het netwerkevent Trans4More, georganiseerd door Thomas More en SPK, stonden transitie, verandering en transformatie centraal. Wie kon hierover beter zijn verhaal delen dan Marc? De pure boodschap van Marc raakte de deelnemers. Het leven is een kaartspel. Wij, hier in België, trekken bij onze geboorte een grote gelukskaart. Na zijn ongeluk dacht Marc dat zijn leven stopte. Gedreven vertelde Marc hoe zijn petekind Juul onmiddellijk na het ongeval hem een belangrijke levensles gaf: ‘Wat heb je geluk, nonkel Marc, je hebt het ongeval overleefd.’ En Marc besefte meteen: familie en vrienden zijn het meest waardevolle in je leven. Hij zette alles op alles om alsnog zijn dromen te realiseren: Iron Man, papa worden,…

Een inspirerend verhaal over een gepassioneerd man die ondanks zijn fysieke beperking het leven omarmt. Een positief verhaal over ‘niet zeuren over de kleine dingen, maar voluit en gretig leven en dankbaar zijn voor al die gelukskaarten’.

Bedankt Marc!

Leen Broeckx

We invited Marc for a motivational talk in Lisbon for one of our customer (Private Banker in Luxembourg) top performer summit. After Marc first sentence, the tone was given … We had +/ 30 guests and everybody was scotched to the speech. All his history is breathtaking and it definitely helps you seeing all your problems / challenges / difficulties the other way around. The link of this speech with the business world is easy: When you think you can’t reach the goal, there is always a way to achieve it !

Gautier Leclercq
Event Director

I would like to thank you very much for your inspiring speech during our Management Meeting last weekend in Dusseldorf.

It is amazing how your message has inspired 12 different nationalities.

Don´t look to the black card both go for the King of Aces.

I received many positive comments of which several very personal and emotional from colleagues with whom I work already many years and didn´t know anything about it.

I´m sure they all took the highlights from your presentation with them home.

So thanks again and I wish you a lot of success with all the projects you have and still to come.

Jens Aertgeerts

We invited Marc to tell his story on the staff meeting of our secondary school (+/- 230 persons). We have had a tough period the past few years, in which several pupils died. This made a deep impression on our 1500 pupils but also on the staff. We were in need of a hopefull story and that is exactly what Marc achieved to do.

Everybody, including myself, was moved by his story, and most of all by the message and life lesson he passed on to us. We strongly believe in the power of his story, so we are positive that Marc’s story will also enhance the resilience of our pupils.

That evening everybody was thrilled about the staff meeting, which is rather uncommon, believe me :-).

Birgit Mylle
Algemeen Directeur

We had the pleasure of having Marc as keynote speaker at the Facilicom Kick Off 2017 in Technopolis.

Marc gave an inspiring speech, his genuine life story touched everybody in the audience. For an hour he had everyone’s undivided attention and gave us all an ‘off course we can’ feeling. The standing ovation at the end of his presentation said it all

Guy Claes
Marketing & Communications Manager

If you need to inspire your team, or to give them the starting power to deliver a turnaround, there is no better starting point than inviting Marc Herremans to share his life experience !! Marc brings his experience in a direct, passionate, and “opening the eyes” way. All colleagues were super enthousiastic on the content and the way this has been presented.

If our team takes away and delivers 10% of what Marc has accomplished, Miele Belgium will be a STAR again in the Miele Group Worldwide.

Noël Smets
Regional Managing Director North-West Europe

Ter gelegenheid van het jaarlijks weerzien van onze gepensioneerde collega’s hebben we Marc Herremans uitgenodigd.

Op begeesterende wijze heeft Marc zijn levensverhaal met ons gedeeld.

Met de vele positieve reacties die we mochten ontvangen werd duidelijk dat Marcs visie op het leven iedereen heeft aangezet tot stilstaan en nadenken.

Ontroering, verdriet, geluk,… heel wat emoties werden losgemaakt.

Op korte tijd leer je heel wat van het leven relativeren.

Bedankt Marc!

Pia Stalpaert

“It was a great idea to invite Marc to speak to us all yesterday. A touching and inspiring story and Marc is a very impressive personality.”

“Marc showed me that – with just enough determination – one can reach every goal one sets to himself, and that there is no reason for anyone to believe that something can’t be achieved, as the deck of cards in the game of life is the same for everyone.”

“When the question came if there were questions from the audience, nobody raised his hand or spoke up … Please don’t take this as an insult. We were all speechless and were digesting everything we heard and saw. I couldn’t utter a word, let alone raise a question.”

“Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I hope to carry them further for the rest of my life.”

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. This is a kind of reference to one of the disciplines of triathlon: swimming part – always in open water. The accident of Marc Herremans challenged him not to choose the easy path. But he did it and he succeeded with the cards he had. Now, he said goodbye to the triathlon victories, but the challenges he went through made him very skilled in another crazy ocean which is ‘life’ and he will pass his skills onto his daughters.”

“I really enjoyed the lecture given by Marc Herremans. For a person who claims not liking to give a speech… Wow! I was speechless and with me the whole audience.”

“What an emotional speech in which he exposed a lot of himself. That makes me reflect on my own life, my own comfort zone, and put some of my setbacks in another perspective.”

“Simply very impressive! Marc confronted us and learned us again what the real important things in life are, but he did it in a really pleasant way! You couldn’t have invited a better speaker with all that is going on!”

“Dit was voor mij een buitengewoon testimonial met een les voor iedereen. Een genot om met passie naar te luisteren. Welke studies zeggen steeds dat we maar zes minuten kunnen luisteren? .... Ik heb hier 60 minuten aan de lippen van Marc kunnen hangen, geen minuut ben ik afwezig geweest.”

“Most inspirational speech ever. Down to earth talk with a simple boy who managed to overcome a huge setback in a way we can only learn from.”

“When driving home, I was thinking all the time of my ‘bucket list’, the small things that irritate me from time to time. Let’s stop doing this. Marc gives us all a boost and he inspires everyone. He makes us look at our life from a different perspective and he makes clear to us what is REALLY important.”

“Marc’s story was known to me, but nevertheless very inspiring to hear it from the master himself. Nothing but respect.”

“Het was de tweede maal dat ik het levensverhaal van Marc Herremans mocht aanhoren en ook deze keer zaten heel wat mensen in de zaal gekluisterd aan hun stoel. Zijn verhaal van passie, motivatie en volharding deed velen onder ons even stilstaan bij de ‘echt’ belangrijke zaken in het leven. In een bedrijf als het onze waar verandering nooit veraf is, bezorgde Marc’s boodschap - “The only time you fail is when you give up trying!” - ons een mooie les in relativeringsvermogen. Zijn levensverhaal was een bron van inspiratie en positivisme, zowel op persoonlijk als professioneel vlak. Bedankt Marc!”

“Marc, allereerst hartelijk dank voor je bezoek aan onze partner ‘Living Tomorrow’. Wij, de medewerkers van Medtronic Belgium, waren zéééér onder de indruk van je verhaal!

Jouw wilskracht en uithoudingsvermogen om niet bij de pakken neer te gaan zitten als het tegenzit en alles uitzichtsloos lijkt, is een grote motivatie voor ons om ons in mindere tijden ook niet uit het veld te laten slaan. Als organisatie kunnen we heel veel van jou leren. Schouders eronder en gaan voor de gestelde doelen, ook al lijken ze haast niet haalbaar. Nogmaal dank voor deze spiegel.”

“I was fortunate enough to be present at one of Marc’s presentations a few years ago. His story then moved an audience of 400, as much as it did again last Monday. One can only admire a person who, in the face of so much adversity, manages to come out stronger, and not only go through live with a “can do, WILL do”attitude, but manages to convey that inner strength to audiences around the world with seemingly endless energy. Utmost respect.”

“Exceptional testimonial. Many thanks, Marc!”

Over 200 students of our college, Uniformed professions, listened to Marc’s breath-taking life story. It was very inspirational to see how a man with such an enormous drive and willpower, can be so modest about his own performances. For our students this was an important lesson on how to search for possibilities and being able to continue even when enduring setbacks. This is something our students in uniformed professions can definitely use in their education as well as in their future career.

Michel Buijck
Teamleider College voor Uniformberoepen.

To launch our New year, we organized our KICK OFF on the 10th of January, inviting our complete staff for an overview and plans for the coming year.

As a special treat, we were fortunate to have Marc Herremans as a Key Note Speaker on teamwork and Change in a life and in an Company.

He presented us with his compelling story, with all downfalls and successes. As the story unfolded you could hear a pin drop, which is a real achievement in a manufacturing plant with 60+ workers.

In any case, the incredible story was extremely motivating and got everybody thinking about their role and vision for 2017 in our Company, which resulted in an interesting conversation afterwards.

From our side the Board , Management team and the whole team at Grafityp would like to express our deepest thanks to Marc, for getting everybody on board and motivated for 2017, which will no doubt deal us a great card !

We would like to take the opportunity to promote Marc as a Key Note Speaker, his story touches everybody and contributes to a general “CAN DO-attitude “ amongst everybody in TEAM GRAFITYP

Thanks Marc !

Harald Jumelet
Marketing Jumelet

No need to wait the outcome of the attendees survey to share some feedback on Marcs keynote during our Management Meeting. It’s clear that many of us were blown away by the touching, inspiring and motivational messages Marc shared with us. Too often, in business, we forget some of the basic principles of life itself can guide us in towards the realization of a business dream. Keep your eye on the ball, despite hurdles on your way. Appreciate market conditions and competition as challengers to get better in what you are already good at. Don’t forget the importance of teamwork and support of your environment, be it relatives or colleagues to fuel your energy. A positive and optimistic mindset is a key attitude which can give you a jumpstart and everything you undertake. And most of all, put things in perspective and realize that what we take for granted is not so obvious. The open and authentic way Marc shares his life story makes those sound messages really powerful. No one can stay untouched by his story and learnings. It was a privilege to have you as our guest speaker.

Roel Dumont
HR Director

Marc Herremans vertelt met ingetogen levensvreugde en vooral ook met veel authenticiteit zijn levensverhaal als atleet, avonturier, vader. Een verhaal van – letterlijk – vallen en opstaan, waarmee hij zijn publiek een spiegel voorhoudt en ieder van ons doet nadenken over de manier waarop wij zelf in het leven staan, in onze job, in onze menselijke relaties. Marc’s presentatie dwingt ons om onze perspectieven op moeilijkheden, tegenslagen, moeilijke werkomstandigheden opnieuw te kalibreren en in perspectief te plaatsen. Zijn boodschap van positivisme en relativering heeft impact. Indien u als manager voor de uitdaging staat om uw team door moeilijke wateren en/of een ingrijpend veranderingsproces te loodsen, zal Marc’s 60-minuten presentatie meer impact hebben op uw medewerkers dan een dag vol PowerPoint presentaties of workshops.

Bart De Groote

It doesn’t really matter what type of workshop you organize, Marc’s speech will leave an impact that makes everybody reflect on how life is lived or how business is done. If you are wondering how? At first you’ll feel rather small, not being quite sure whether you are sad or anything else. After, you will start realizing what you’ve just heard and seen and you will start to put things in perspective. Maybe you feel you should start to do things differently, you will feel you should be able to push boundaries & for sure you will start to appreciate what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.

For me personally it was the second time I had the opportunity to listen to Marc, which didn’t make the speech any less impactful, on the contrary. I - as the whole room – was blown away by what I just witnessed. In fact, my advice would be to put the speech just before a break or at the end of the day, as your audience and next speakers will need some time to reflect afterwards!

Thanks Marc! It was a real pleasure to have you with us in Florence & hopefully we’ll meet up soon.

Niels Van Geet

Vanuit het motto “willen=kunnen” heb ik Marc gevraagd om voor een groep PLUS ondernemers zijn verhaal te doen. Dit nadat ik hem zelf eerder in het jaar al eens had gehoord. Marc zijn verhaal is authentiek en emotioneel. De zaal hing van begin tot eind aan zijn lippen. Het verhaal getuigt van een ontembare positieve vechtlust; waar je zowel privé als zakelijk heel veel inspiratie uithaalt. Geef nooit op! Blijf geloven in jezelf en dan geldt inderdaad: “willen=kunnen”.

Marc, nogmaals dankjewel!

Marco Maatman
Manager Marketing

Afgelopen zondag avond was ik een van de participanten op het event van Moore Stephens.

Ik wil u nog eens danken voor uw zeer aangrijpend verhaal mijn bewondering was reeds groot …

Tevens wil ik u ook danken voor de fijne woorden die U had voor ons als ondernemers.

Het is inderdaad eenzaam aan de top en het is een verhaal van vallen en opstaan en iedere dag opnieuw.

Tot daar zijn er heel veel gelijkenissen tussen jouw verhaal en dat van ons.

Jouw voordracht maakte indruk op me en zal me helpen te relativeren in moeilijk momenten.

Waar wij over klagen is natuurlijk maar klein bier naast jouw verhaal

Ik wens u het allerbeste toe en hoop u in de toekomst nog eens te mogen ontmoeten.

Marc Herremans’ speech at the FY16 Nike GC DTC Head Coaches Conference in Qingdao.

Marc delivered a touching, exciting and inspirational speech to the employees of Nike GC DTC, highlighting ...

Dear Marc

Everyone was more than impressed and moved by your presentation.

People thought it was the most amazing speech they have heard and it was easy to hear from conversations how much you have inspired us all.

The entire presentation was interactive and people really appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and to talk with you!

Thank you for a memorable presentation at our café meeting.

Best regards,


The great majority of our participants were inspired by the initiative and session itself provided by Marc Herremans. They found it interesting to know how someone handles limits and deals with obstacles to fight back in life. Although some found the content more human oriented, without exercises, they still stressed the importance to attend this session in order to deal with and adopt a relativism approach to stress moments at work and in life in general. This lecture was found to induce inspiration for life in general. Our general feedback was of a great initiative and session with a very inspiring message. This was found to be very inspiring for each participant personally but also for work purposes. It was mentally refreshing to attend this lecture.

Marc Herremans’ lecture was held at Siemens’ premises on the 12th of May 2015.

Over 200 students of our college, Uniformed professions, listened to Marc’s breath-taking life story. It was very inspirational to see how a man with such an enormous drive and willpower, can be so modest about his own performances. For our students this was an important lesson on how to search for possibilities and being able to continue even when enduring setbacks. This is something our students in uniformed professions can definitely use in their education as well as in their future career.

Michel Buijck
Teamleider College voor Uniformberoepen

Marc Herremans story was appreciated by all. It was both inspiring and humbling for many. I will remember his words “believe, determine, teamwork and never give up” and “ Since we cannot change the reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”

Marc's story helps us to never give up in realising our dreams, how to come out a crisis and to coach our people for continously improvement.

Thanks Marc giving us the energy so we will never give up and go for our dreams.

A marvellous story well brought.

Rudi Peeters
Senior General Manager

When somebody comes to me and says: “I have a problem because of…” I just interrupt him and scream: “If they put you in a wheelchair and throw you in the African jungle, than you have a problem, now you only have an extra target!”

I observed you and listened attentively to your presentation at Kinepolis in Mechelen.

I’m used to this kind of seminar, but you impressed me by the essence and simplicity.

You master putting things in perspective, don’t have any excuses and go for nothing less than 100%! You are a role model, a positive example for many people.

In spite of your limits, the truth is you don’t have any limits.

You really “walk your talk”!

Luc Den Hond
Senior Manager

I have met Marc Herremans on our dealer show in Eindhoven for the first time. I was, together with a lot of Trek dealers and Trek employees, very impressed by his speech about the cards we get in life and what we do with those cards. Seeing the professional team introduction in Knokke and the way the athletes are coached and guided, makes us even more proud to be the bike sponsor of this great team!

Petra de Fluiter
General Manager

Belfius and its customers had a very fine cooperation with Marc Herremans. The fact that he's a living example of someone who kept believing encouraged many people. Every human has his breakdowns from time to time and needs to stand up again. Marc has a very strong personality and took the time to talk with our team during a workshop. It was a beautiful experience.

Marc gave a speech for our CEEMEA Product Supply event in November 2012. He is an extraordinary man who manages and presents his achievements with great humbleness that makes his story even more extraordinary. His story and the way he is presenting it make everyone move and start thinking on the real values in our life as well as how to step further in crisis situations and set future challenges despite great barriers. His story can be easily translated to the everyday business environment by giving great inspiration and motivation to all people in business.

The biggest testimonial was that after the event several participants turned to me to get Marc’s contact details as they also wanted to leverage his speech to inspire and motivate their organizations. Big Thanks to Marc for having a speech that created an unforgettable moment for all of us.

Ferenc Takacs
CEEMEA Human Resources for Product Supply

Not many have moved personal boundaries as Marc has, both as a professional triathlete and later on when taking on extreme challenges after he bounced back in an unseen way from his dramatic accident. The key message in Marc’s testimonial relates to where he found the inspiration, energy and mental strength to continue to push himself beyond his limits and eventually also move boundaries for others through his foundation To Walk Again. The response of the audience is intense, people walk away from this testimonial feeling energized, inspired and humble. A beautiful life lesson from a unique individual.

Luc Hooybergs

I have engaged Marc, on more than one occasion, to speak to our early-career high-potential leaders around the world. He is a warm and charismatic speaker whose personal story of overcoming obstacles is both compelling and inspiring. While he is always one of our highest rated speakers, the value he brings to our organization goes far beyond contributing to the event. His messages around overcoming challenges, identifying new goals and acting in a socially responsible way align with our company culture. Marc is a role model that helps us teach our early-career associates what it means to be a leader.

Edward Franzone
Global Leader, Emerging Talent

During our EMEA sales conference in March, Marc shared his remarkable and inspirational story with an international team.

In that story, he was able to reach the hearts and minds of the whole audience by demonstrating in the most powerful way possible that with energy, drive and total belief , you can overcome and beat what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. He remains an inspirational role model to me and to many in our organization.

Jonathan Price
General Manager EMEA

Ever since the first time I heard Marc talk he has been a personal inspiration to me. Never give up; No excuses. Marc delivers these messages in such a strong, simple and humble way that no one can ignore him. He is easily one of the most inspirational speakers we have had at IMD.

Dr. Jim Pulcrano
Executive Director

In 2012 Marc Herremans was the Godfather of our Win4Youth programme. Adecco’s Win4Youth programme helps youngsters around the world to get a better start in life and work. In 2012 our support went to projects in New Zealand, China, Morocco and Belgium. Colleagues in over 60 countries come together to do sports and accumulate kilometres that are transformed into a donation made by the Group directly to 4 foundations who are making a difference to young children. 70 colleagues were selected and were trained to participate in the Barcelona Triathlon. I was honoured and humbled to have Marc Herremans as our Godfather for Win4Youth2012. Marc attended several of our internal conferences and has been an inspiration and an example to me and all of my 33,000 Adecco colleagues – not just in sport – but also in life. He has shown us that whatever cards life deals you, you should never give up. Thank you Marc, for showing us how to always stand up, fight back and make our dreams come true. And for giving the Adecco team of 70 colleagues the encouragement to face their own triathlon challenge – and let them all pass the finish line after a year of hard training.

Patrick de Maeseneire

Het levensverhaal van Marc boeide onze 100 jeugdspelers enorm.

Onze talentrijke jeugd werd duidelijk geconfronteerd met de broosheid van het leven…witte en zwarte kaarten , één seconde die een leven radicaal verandert.

Deze getuigenis doet iedereen nog meer beseffen dat we tevreden moeten zijn met onze gezondheid en talenten die we hebben MAAR ook dat tegenslagen steeds overwonnen kunnen worden. Marc is hier hét grote voorbeeld van.

Zijn enthousiasme , sterk karakter , een ongelooflijk doorzettingsvermogen en een grote winnaarmentaliteit deden hem zijn grenzen verleggen.

De begeesterende wijze waarop hij deze boodschap aan onze jeugdspelers en begeleiders overbracht , beroerde iedereen.

De Nike slogan…Just do it…. Is hier dan ook helemaal van toepassing.

Marc , bedankt voor onze jonge sporters hiervan bewust te maken.

Roland Breugelmans

Als KMO hadden we de eer en het genoegen om Marc Herremans te mogen ontvangen, de man die het woord doorzettingsvermogen als het ware heeft uitgevonden. Door zijn warme persoonlijkheid en het feit dat Marc vroeger ook schrijnwerker was, werd de klik met ons team onmiddellijk gemaakt. Marc is, door zijn wilskracht, een inspiratiebron waar iedereen van onze firma nog regelmatig aan terug zal denken als we eens een moeilijkere kaart trekken, zowel privé als professioneel. Bedankt Marc voor je indrukwekkend verhaal !

Inge Van Laecke

Op vrijdag 28 juni vond in golfhotel Stiemerheide in Genk de jaarlijkse Belisol sales meeting plaats. Na de voorstelling van de commerciële resultaten, rondde Marc Herremans de voormiddag af met een bijzonder inspirerend verhaal. Het gaat door de crisis momenteel iets moeilijker in de bouwmarkt, maar Marc gaf met zijn persoonlijke verhaal aan dat moeilijk ook gaat. Een staande ovatie van het volledige publiek volgde, de eerste keer dat dat gebeurde op een Belisol sales meeting. Ook tijdens de lunch was er maar één onderwerp: het moedige en bemoedigende verhaal van Marc, dat op de Belisol-medewerkers in België, Nederland en Frankrijk een onvergetelijk indruk maakte!

Marko Heijl
Sponsoring manager Belisol

Marc has now done several motivational seminars for my teams, across companies. Each time the audience was deeply touched by his inspirational story. It's the sort of presentation that makes you believe that nothing is impossible and that – as Marc puts it – "it ain't over 'till it's over'. Despite his achievements, he is modest, down to earth, and incredibly approachable. I must admit that I always get a jolt of energy when I hear Marc speak and I sure wish he was my personal coach. In net, if you are looking for a 2 hour boost to your company’s morale, he’s your guy.

Peter Corijn
Chief Marketing Officer

Eind september was Marc Herremans spreker op onze HR conferentie bij ING België. Het verhaal van Marc is gekend via pers en media. Maar het hem zelf horen brengen is zo intens en krachtig. Met een spel kaarten toont hij dat het leven alle kanten kan uitgaan, maar dat je moet blijven geloven in je dromen. Geloof in je dromen, streef hen na en je krijgt altijd de mogelijkheid om nieuwe doelen en dromen te bereiken (“met elke nieuwe droom, sterft een oude”). Marc maakte ons duidelijk dat je met positivisme en mentale weerbaarheid veel veranderingen aankan. “Niet altijd streven naar hogere doelstellingen, kunnen steunen op familie of goede vrienden, er is altijd een uitweg”, Marc brengt deze levenswijsheden authentiek en doorleefd. De uiteenzetting en Marc’s film heeft onze HR medewerkers in de zaal veel hoop en energie gebracht (wat duidelijk bleek uit de commentaren achteraf). Hoop en energie die To Walk Again brengt bij zoveel kinderen en volwassenen.

William Loix
Succession Management Advisor

Op 12 november organiseerden we met ForFarmers Hendrix België een seminarie voor onze topklanten in de varkenshouderij met als rode draad ‘Samen gemotiveerd verder’. In een sector waar het niet altijd even makkelijk is, kwam Marc Herremans iedereen een hart onder de riem steken met zijn beklijvende levensverhaal. De enorme inzet en fantastische wilskracht van Marc laat zien dat vele grenzen verlegd kunnen worden. Onder het motto: “The only time you fail is when you give up trying!” toonde hij waar we vandaag de motivatie kunnen halen om tot het uiterste te gaan. Onze klanten en wijzelf waren absoluut onder de indruk van deze motivational speech. Er werd die avond in elk geval heel wat over nagekaart en ongetwijfeld zal Marc zijn verhaal bij velen nog lang blijven nazinderen…

Lammert Veenhuizen
Algemeen Directeur

On January 6, 2014 you spoke to our staff on our yearly training day. We were looking forward to your speech. You motivated all of us by telling your touching story.

We admire what you do and the way you accepted your fate and moved on with your life. It makes us feel humble. You are an example for so many people. We have been talking a lot about the things you said that day. We as a company, and all of us as individuals, face problems from time to time… but yes, our hearts beat, we are alive and we move on. Now even stronger than before. Your words make us think before we complain about the weather…

Thank you for what you did for us. Some people are worth their weight in gold. You are one of them. On behalf of the Kautex-team in Tessenderlo we wish you good luck with everything you do. Give a big hug to that beautiful little girl of yours and hopefully we will meet again.

Dirk De Wachter
Managing Director

"Whatever happens to you on your way through life, never give up" is Marc’s main motto. He tells his story in such a human, genuine and humble way that it touches your heart and mind. Marc, thank you very much for having had the generosity to share your life experience with us, your motto will be forever engraved in our memory.

Frank Govaerts
VP & General Counsel

Op 31 maart 2014 vierden we samen met onze lidorganisaties ons 20-jarig bestaan als Vlaams Steunpunt Lokale Netwerken (SLN).

Met een sterk aanbod van verschillende dienstverleningen zetten een 100-tal organisaties zich dagelijks in om kwetsbare werkzoekenden aan het werk te helpen.

Onze arbeidsmarkt beschikt nog steeds over een immens reservoir van onbenut potentieel. Zoveel trajectbegeleiders, coaches, consulenten en medewerkers maken er alle dagen werk van om zoveel mogelijk mensen te motiveren en hun competenties maximaal in te zetten. Marc, we mochten jou de avond van ons feest verwelkomen als keynote speaker.

Jouw getuigenis en jouw levensverhaal leert ons dat een enorme inzet, focus en wilskracht, laat zien dat je grenzen kunt verleggen daar waar velen het opgeven. Jouw motto: ‘de enige keer dat je faalt, is wanneer je stopt te proberen’ geeft dit duidelijk weer, zeker wanneer men op een bepaald moment in het leven de zwarte kaart denkt te hebben. Dan koos jij resoluut voor de andere kaart: de kaart van de kansen, de mogelijkheden, dromen hebben en potentieel. Ook wij zullen blijven kiezen voor de kaart van potentieel, kansen en dromen bij het activeren van kwetsbare werkzoekenden op de arbeidsmarkt.

Jouw levensverhaal heeft op de avond van 31 maart, de meer dan 300 aanwezigen “geraakt” en vooral “geïnspireerd”.

Een hart onder de riem voor iedereen die af te toe durft te twijfelen over de kaart die men heeft. Authentiek en met veel levenswijsheid, heb je ons een boost gegeven om er de komende 20 jaar met evenveel “ambitie” en “goesting” voor te gaan. Dank je wel!

Marleen Velleman

Inviting Marc to our event was the best thing I could have done. Our event’s theme was “in close cooperation” and the goal was to emphasize and strengthen the partnership with our client. Marc’s inspiring story touched many people deeply and there was nothing left to say after his talk. What stayed with me most is his message that with a passion for life and perseverance and through working together, you can achieve anything in life. Marc is a true inspiration!

Schaeken Benny
Program Manager

We invited Marc for our Summer Event bringing all our employees together. Marc proved to be a real professional, not only through his entire sportive & coaching life, but also whilst preparing and bringing his speech. A fruitful discussion upfront immediately underlined a perfect alignment between his story, his messages and our strategy.

His passion, conviction, optimism and perseverance resonated throughout the audience, and his openness sharing his personal experience in individual talks proved to be a real support for many of us.

He really made a difference that day, explaining us via the “cards of life” that we always have a choice, that it’s up to us to embrace change and that we should focus on what we have, not on what’s missing. He clearly convinced us that “focusing on the controllable” is the key to growth, increase the quality of our live and the level of happiness.

Luc van Wichelen